BYD Song Plus ev Flagship 2022 electric cars made in China


BYD Song Plus ev Flagship 2022 electric cars made in China

BYD Song PLUS has a traditional fuel version, a plug-in hybrid version, and a pure electric version. It provides consumers with three types of power. The entire product line covers the range of 11-180,000 yuan. It is aimed at a wide range of people: cities or people that do not need lottery numbers can directly choose an economical pure fuel version, cities that plug-in hybrid DM-i can choose a DM-i version with both pure fuel and electricity, and cities that give priority to new energy numbers, you can choose EV pure electric version.

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● Car Appearance

The Song PLUS EV version adopts a front face design similar to BYD Han. This closed front grille design has the feeling of an electric car. Since there is no engine, the front face of the car does not need to retain the front air grille design, while the through-type chrome-plated decoration of the dragon beard shape looks more fashionable and concise, and the overall visual feeling still has a good sense of science and technology.

● Car Interior

The interior design of Song PLUS EV is consistent with other models under the brand. The simple design makes people look particularly comfortable. The central control panel matched with metal chrome plating and piano baking varnish is very delicate. The 12.8-inch rotating screen highlights the technological sense of the interior decoration, and there is also a colorful atmosphere lamp design.

● Automotive Power

BYD Song PLUS EV uses pure electric drive, with a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum endurance of 505km.

● Car Space

The comfort of the rear seats is mainly reflected in the angle of the backrest and the length of the cushion. The test driver can also support the entire thigh when sitting on the cushion, and will not feel the gap between the thigh and the cushion. In terms of configuration, there are two USB charging ports in the front, two air-conditioning outlets with independently adjustable wind power, and a panoramic skylight that can be opened on the top, and the area is relatively large, allowing the whole person to sit in the back row with a particularly strong sense of permeability.

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BYD Dolphin Parameter

Model Name BYD Song PLUS EV 2021 distinguished model BYD Song PLUS EV 2021 flagship model
Basic Vehicle Parameters
Body form: 5-door 5-seat SUV 5-door 5-seat SUV
Wheelbase (mm): 2765 2765
Power type: pure electric pure electric
The maximum power of the vehicle (kW): 135 135
The maximum torque of the vehicle (N m): 280 280
Fast charging time (hours): 0.5 0.5
Pure electric cruising range (km): 505 505
Length (mm): 4705 4705
Width (mm): 1890 1890
Height (mm): 1680 1680
Wheelbase (mm): 2765 2765
Number of doors (a): 5 5
Number of seats (pieces): 5 5
electric motor
Motor type: Permanent magnet/synchronous Permanent magnet/synchronous
Total motor power (kW): 135 135
Motor total torque (N m): 280 280
Number of motors: 1 1
Motor layout: Front Front
Maximum power of the front motor (kW): 135 135
Maximum torque of the front motor (N m): 280 280
Battery type: Lithium iron phosphate battery Lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery capacity (kWh): 71.7 71.7
charging method: fast charge fast charge
Fast charging time (hours): 0.5 0.5
Quick charge capacity (%): 80 80
Number of gears: 1 1
Gearbox type: single speed electric vehicle single speed electric vehicle
chassis steering
Drive mode: front drive front drive
Body structure: Unibody Unibody
Power Steering: electric assist electric assist
Front Suspension Type: McPherson independent suspension McPherson independent suspension
Rear Suspension Type: Multi-link independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension
wheel brake
Front Brake Type: Ventilated Disc Ventilated Disc
Rear Brake Type: Disc Disc
Parking Brake Type: electronic handbrake electronic handbrake
Front tire specifications: 235/50 R19 235/50 R19
Rear Tire Specifications: 235/50 R19 235/50 R19
Hub material: aluminum alloy aluminum alloy
Spare tire specifications: none none
safety equipment
Airbag for main/passenger seat: Main ●/Vice ● Main ●/Vice ●
Front/rear side airbags: Before ● Before ●
Front/rear head curtain air: Front ●/Back ● Front ●/Back ●
Tips for not fastening the seat belt:
ISO FIX child seat interface:
Tire pressure monitoring device: ● Tire pressure display ● Tire pressure display
Automatic anti-lock braking (ABS, etc.):
brake force distribution
(EBD/CBC, etc.):
brake assist
(EBA/BAS/BA, etc.):
traction control
(ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.):
vehicle stability control
(ESP/DSC/VSC etc.):
Parallel assistance: -
Lane Departure Warning System: -
Lane Keeping Assist: -
Road traffic sign recognition: -
Active braking/active safety system: -
Automatic parking:
Uphill assist:
Steep Descent:
Central locking in the car:
remote key:
Keyless start system:
Keyless entry system:
Body function/configuration
Skylight type: ● Openable panoramic sunroof ● Openable panoramic sunroof
Electric trunk: -
Roof rack:
Remote start function:
In-Car Features/Configuration
Steering wheel material: ● leather ● leather
Steering wheel position adjustment: ● up and down ● up and down
● before and after ● before and after
Multifunction steering wheel:
Front/rear parking sensor: Front ●/Back ● Front ●/Back ●
Driving assistance video: ● 360-degree panoramic image ● 360-degree panoramic image
Reversing vehicle side warning system: -
Cruise system: ● cruise control ● Full speed adaptive cruise
Driving mode switching: ● Standard/Comfort ● Standard/Comfort
● exercise ● exercise
● snow ● snow
● economy ● economy
Independent power interface in the car: ● 12V ● 12V
Trip computer display:
Full LCD instrument panel:
LCD instrument size: ● 12.3 inches ● 12.3 inches
Built-in driving recorder:
Mobile phone wireless charging function: - ● front row
seat configuration
Seat material: ● imitation leather ● imitation leather
Driver's seat adjustment direction: ● Front and rear adjustment ● Front and rear adjustment
● Backrest adjustment ● Backrest adjustment
● height adjustment ● height adjustment
Adjustment direction of passenger seat: ● Front and rear adjustment ● Front and rear adjustment
● Backrest adjustment ● Backrest adjustment
Main/passenger seat electric adjustment: Main ●/Vice ● Main ●/Vice ●
Front Seat Functions: - ● Heating
● ventilation
Electric Seat Memory: - ● Driver's seat
Second row seat adjustment direction: ● Backrest adjustment ● Backrest adjustment
How to fold the rear seats: ● Can be scaled down ● Can be scaled down
Front/rear center armrest: Front ●/Back ● Front ●/Back ●
Rear cup holder:
multimedia configuration
GPS navigation system:
Navigation traffic information display:
Center console LCD screen: ● Touch LCD screen ● Touch LCD screen
Center console LCD screen size: ● 12.8 inches ● 12.8 inches
Bluetooth/Car Phone:
voice control: ● Can control multimedia system ● Can control multimedia system
● Controlled navigation ● Controlled navigation
● can control the phone ● can control the phone
● Controllable air conditioner ● Controllable air conditioner
● Controllable sunroof ● Controllable sunroof
Internet of Vehicles:
External audio interface: ● USB ● USB
USB/Type-C interface: ● 2 in the front row/2 in the back row ● 2 in the front row/2 in the back row
Number of speakers (units): ● 6 speakers ● 9 speakers
lighting configuration
Low beam light source: ● LEDs ● LEDs
High beam light source: ● LEDs ● LEDs
Daytime running lights:
Headlights turn on and off automatically:
Headlight height adjustable:
Ambient lighting in the car: ● monochrome ● multicolor
Windows and mirrors
Front/rear electric windows: Front ●/Back ● Front ●/Back ●
Window one-button lift function: ● Full car ● Full car
Window anti-pinch function:
Multi-layer soundproof glass: - ● front row
Exterior mirror function: ● Electric adjustment ● Electric adjustment
● Electric folding ● Electric folding
● Mirror heating ● Mirror heating
● Automatic folding when locking the car ● Automatic folding when locking the car
Interior rearview mirror function: ● Manual anti-glare ● Automatic anti-glare
Rear side privacy glass:
Interior vanity mirror: ● Main driving position + lights ● Main driving position + lights
● Passenger seat + lights ● Passenger seat + lights
Rear wiper:
air conditioner/refrigerator
Air conditioner temperature control method: ● automatic air conditioning ● automatic air conditioning
Temperature zone control:
Rear outlet:
Car air purifier: -
PM2.5 filter or pollen filter:
Optional body color ■ Red emperor red ■ Red emperor red
■ time gray ■ time gray
■ Tehran ■ Tehran
■ Snow White ■ Snow White
Available interior colors Eclipse Blue/Sky Gray Eclipse Blue/Sky Gray

Popular Science Knowledge

In terms of configuration, Song PLUS EV is also very powerful. The center console is suspended with a 12.8-inch center control screen and supports electric rotation. However, some third-party APP cannot adapt to the horizontal screen, so the use experience needs to be improved. The car is equipped with DiLink intelligent network connection system, which provides navigation, audio, video, weather and other functions. It can be said to be fully equipped in terms of safety, equipped with active braking, road traffic sign recognition, front and rear collision warning and other functions, it is also very powerful in the assisted driving system. It not only has the practical functions of 360-degree panoramic image and reversing side warning system, but also is equipped with transparent chassis. Advanced functions.

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