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Sichuan BZ auto group Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. It is mainly engaged in Internet-related businesses such as vehicle sales, auto parts supply, second-hand car management, auto decoration, after-sales service, insurance agency, and credit insurance guarantee. It is one of China's leading one-stop service providers for the export of new energy vehicles. It has a wide range of national 4S stores and original manufacturers' mutual trust resources. In order to realize real-time sharing of national car sources and integrate advantageous resources, one-stop service mode for China's new energy vehicle export came into being! In 2018, it joined forces with Sichuan Chuangshi Juteng Investment Co., Ltd. to start the sales of new energy vehicles, during which it won many honorary certificates. During this period, the company has improved its pre-sales and after-sales supporting services and lifelong 1VS1 consultation for customers. Our core competitiveness is to build a comprehensive service platform for international non-pure electric vehicle trade. We are able to systematically provide international customers with a range of value-added services, including automotive marketing systems.

Floor Area of the Company
Number of Employees
Turnover in 2022

Corporate Culture

Since the establishment of BZ Automobile in 2016, our automobile research and development team has grown from a small group to a 200 number of people so far. The area of the factory has expanded to 50.000 square meters, and the turnover in 2021 has reached 25.000.000 US dollars at one stroke. Now we have become an enterprise with a certain scale, which is closely related to our company's corporate culture.

◎ Ideological System

The core concept is "BZ Automobile, Beyond Self".
The mission of the enterprise is "to create a wealth and mutually beneficial society".

◎ Main Features

Dare to innovate: the first characteristic is to dare to try, dare to think and dare to do.
Stick to honesty: Stick to honesty, customer first is BZ's corporate culture.
Caring for employees: hundreds of millions of yuan are invested in employee training every year, staff canteens are set up, and three meals a day are provided to employees free of charge.
Do your best: have a lofty vision, have extremely high requirements for work standards, and pursue "let all work become excellent".

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Why Choose Us

Experience: Rich experience in OEM and ODM services (including mold manufacturing, injection molding).

Quality Assurance: 100% mass production aging test, 100% material inspection, 100% function test.

Warranty Service: six-month warranty, lifetime after-sales service.

Provide Support: Provide technical information and technical training support on a regular basis.

R & D: The R & D team includes electronic engineers, structural engineers and appearance designers.

Modern Production Chain: advanced electric vehicle automatic production equipment workshop, including mold, injection molding workshop, production assembly workshop, silk screen pad printing workshop, UV curing process workshop.

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